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(Photo credit: Wanda Lau)

J.O. Wilson has one of the largest preschool programs in the district. We have three PreK-3 classes, three PreK-4 classes and one mixed-age class. There is also one Early Learning Supports Classroom dedicated to special education.

Preschool mission statement

In a nurturing and play-based environment, children will become explorers of materials, confident participants in the classroom, and respectful and responsible friends. Teachers and parents will partner to create a classroom community that fosters independence, stimulates thinking and new ideas, and promotes a lifelong love of learning.

Creative Curriculum

Creative Curriculum engages students in long-term, hands-on, investigative studies. Some examples of studies are: Trees; Reduce, Reuse, Recycle; Clothing; Buildings; Balls; Exercise; Signs; and Insects.

Students also have regular weekly "Specials" classes, covering Physical Education, Music, Art, Spanish and Performing Arts.

Daily preschool schedule

  • Morning Meeting
  • Specials (45 minutes)
  • Recess (about an hour)
  • Read Aloud
  • Centers/choice time
  • Lunch
  • Rest (90 minutes for PreK-3, 60 minutes for PreK-4)
  • Snack
  • Closing meeting

Opportunities for partnerships with families

  • Field Trips
  • Special Events
  • Family Feast
  • Winter Fest
  • Holiday Concerts
  • Classroom Events
  • E.C.E. Committee on the PTA