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(Photo credit: Wanda Lau)

At J.O. Wilson, we use DCPS's curriculum and academic programs to provide an enriching and challenging learning experience for all students. We also provide unique and targeted academic opportunities throughout the year to meet students' changing needs. You can learn more about the academic opportunities that J.O. is creating for its students here. 


S.O.A.R Academy

S.O.A.R Academy at J.O. is a program designed to address the unmet learning of our J.O. scholars in both English Language Arts and Math. Select students have been identified to receive strategic or intensive support from qualified teachers in the areas of reading and math. Don't be surprised if your fifth grader is reporting skills learned to solidify the understanding of multiplication, or your first grader is reporting sight word fluency practice and rhyming words. The skills learned in S.O.A.R. will be to prepare and sustain our scholars for the current grade level.

S.O.A.R. Academy scholars were identified to participate in the program in September. If your child was not selected, we will make adjustments based on available seats at each grade level.

(November update)

Many of our scholars have grown tremendously over the last months, which is exactly what we anticipated. It is with the support of dedicated teaching staff, along with parents, that we are able to celebrate these small wins. We know that there is still a great deal of work to be done. However, our scholars are really settling in nicely to make the gains that we would like to see throughout the year. The staff has collected data that is allowing for a more intentional focus on meeting the scholars' immediate needs. With that being said, after the Thanksgiving holiday, some teachers will be making a few shifts. Beginning November 29, 2021, S.O.A.R days will change for some grade levels/teachers. Please note the classes, dates, and times for your scholar's S.O.A.R. Program:

Teacher (gr.)
Mrs. Coker (Kinder) M, T, W, Th
Mrs. Smith-Brown (1st) T, W, Th
Mrs. Parks (1st) T, W, Th
Mrs. Eccles (2nd) T, W, Th
Ms. Khonstamm (2nd) M, T, W, Th
Ms. Wright (3rd Math) T, W, Th
Ms. West (3rd ELA) T, W, Th
Mrs. Davila (4th Math) Group 1 (M, T)
Group 2 (W, Th)
Ms. Ratliff (5th ELA) M, T, W, Th
Mrs. Weathersby (5th Math) T, W, Th

If you have questions about your scholars S.O.A.R. schedule beginning Monday, November 29, 2021, please reach out to  Ms. Jennifer Johnson at or (202) 698-4733.