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(Photo credit: Wanda Lau)

(Photo credit: Wanda Lau) 

Welcome to J.O. Wilson

Students are welcomed inside our school by colorful murals that reinforce the J.O. Wilson culture of SOARing to Success. 

(Photo credit: Wanda Lau) 

Upper-Grades Classroom

At J.O. Wilson, we strive to create inviting learning spaces for our scholars. Pictured here is a reading nook in one of our 5th grade classrooms. 

(Photo credit: Wanda Lau) 

Preschool Classroom

Preschool students enter school through a separate entrance and have easy access from first-floor classrooms to the playground and blacktop outside.

(Photo credit: Wanda Lau) 

The Library

J.O. Wilson has a full library that serves all grade levels. All students spend dedicated time in the library browsing books and utilizing computers.

The City

At J.O. Wilson, the city is part of the classroom, too. Students venture outside of the school grounds to explore all that Washington, D.C. has to offer. Students take field trips to the zoo, museums, libraries, yoga studios and local bookstores.

(Photo credit: Wanda Lau) 

The Playground

Students enjoy the expansive playground, blacktop and track and field area on a daily basis during recess and aftercare. The playground has three different climbing structures as well as green space that offers some shade cover throughout the day and cherry blossom blooms in springtime.

(Photo credit: Wanda Lau) 

The Field

Our field also hosts events for the whole school community, such as movie nights and school festivals.

(Photo credit: Wanda Lau) 

Our Garden

The J.O. Wilson community is fortunate to have a large garden area in the front of the school. A variety of plants and vegetables are planted in the raised garden beds. Students and teachers try to incorporate the garden into their classroom learning, with the support and assistance of our FoodCorps onsite volunteer. Produce harvested from the garden is made available to families and our neighborhood community.

The garden uses bayscaping, using local native plants that thrive in the environment. The garden boasts a nice collection of pollinator attracting native plants. In our raised beds, we grow fruits and vegetables so kids can learn about how food grows and participate in small-scale urban farming.

(Photo credit: Wanda Lau) 

Shared Spaces

Our school leaders have been adding color to the walls and  kid-friendly graphics to beautify and invigorate our school environment.  We thank our partner, Communities in Schools, for its support and assistance. 

J.O. Wilson is scheduled to receive a complete renovation and modernization starting during the 2024-25 school year.